If you could finally feel at ease and truly confident at relational networking opportunities all around you, would you want to learn how?

This 2nd biggest fear in business used to make me cringe until I understood small talk and how to wield it. Introverted businesswomen find it incredibly agonizing. It goes against our grain. We're also smart enough to know that we can have the best business in the world, but it's doomed to fail if we can't make easy natural connections.

The first few nanoseconds when meeting a stranger impacts that relationship from that moment on. These beginning threads are the invisible fabric woven between people when doing business together. It dictates if we fail, or succeed, as entrepreneurs. Can you see how advantageous it would be to master these secrets to make those nanoseconds work in your favor to knit up your relational networking?

I'm Tracey Dobbins, ACC, a positive psychology coach and small talk strategist dedicated to accelerating your biggest profitable business connections for all the right reasons. I'm excited to show you how to chart, navigate, and sail through your networking opportunities online and offline.

FACT: People do business with those they know, like, and trust. These factors are critical for long-term mutually beneficial relationships. According to the prestigious Carnegie Institute of Technology, the success of a business is 85% dependent on its relationships. There is no denying confident small talk is where every relationship begins.

We've all been taught masculine networking, but women communicate differently. I'll show you how to stop transactional networking in favor of relational networking. This approach lets you effectively focus and maximize your time for quality instead of quantity. Both your fiscal and spiritual bank accounts will grow...as it should be. That's the secret to making a prosperous living aligned with your bliss.

My proven strategies from the past 35 years mean you can achieve more with fewer referring partners for faster, reliable income. Instead of constantly meeting more people, developing authentic relationships with fewer is more fulfilling and profitable. Learn what works 10 x faster in half the time with a fraction of the effort. I love that math...don't you?

Never feel bitter disappointment again because you sabotaged your chance to make a key contact. Gain control of the nerves making you tongue-tied for smooth, engaging conversations that last for years. Start developing instant rapport. I'll show you how step-by-step.

Imagine feeling so empowered that YOU start those critical business conversations whenever opportunity knocks with anyone, anywhere in the world, because you finally know how to break the ice, engage, and relate with ease. That kind of confidence will add inches to your height and zeros to your bottom line!

Start by reaching out to me - let's get you energized to make those effortless real connections that will rocket your dream business. Did I just hear a big sigh of relief? I'll take that as a compliment...