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I guide global entrepreneurs and business owners to master their unforgettable smalltalk so people light up and lean in. This most powerful networking tool opens or closes the gateway between EVERY future client, colleague, and partner in your world. There is a lot at stake. You get one chance to make an impression they can't forget.


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  • Master Small Talk

    “I've learned so much from Tracey, I now feel confident that I can walk into any situation and carry on a powerful conversation. It was a big revelation!”


  • Master Small Talk

    “Tracey has a calming presence and she teaches strategies that will help you feel more comfortable entering a physical or virtual room and starting conversation. She'll also teach you how to exit gracefully.”

  • Master Small Talk

    “I think this content is particularly helpful for people who are very introverted and have a fear about talking to strangers or being in a big group of people whom they don’t know. ”

  • Master Small Talk

    “Many of these things are things that I have never considered on a conscious basis but make perfect sense. Thank you for making me aware of something I can do to improve my communication.”

    CEO, Transformational Strategist

  • Master Small Talk

    “You make everyone feel they matter, have a very calm demeanor and yet get things done. I see a real need for this learning and you're the one to bring this to people!”

    CEO, The Inner-Academy


My intentions help you to project confidence when meeting others and networking. I’ll share how to craft unforgettable real engagement and trust using my proprietary Effective Small Talk Method. Let them hear the real you and not an imposter script. A non-salesy mindset rooted in respectful behavior will propel you in today's world economy.  


Passion, mission, and purpose-driven introverted woman entrepreneurs mainly know their destination but struggle to authentically market and connect globally to make that dream business a thriving reality.


My methodology is trust-based and not agenda-driven. Everyone wants authenticity. You don't have to be an imposter by pretending to be an extrovert. Discovering your unique personal superpowers using my framework lets you build bridges fast because it's based on a foundation of trust.


As an introvert, I can relate. Certain expected norms go against our nature. In the early days, I preferred root canals to making small talk until I had my lightbulb moment. Then it became clear. My approach wasn’t coercive, so I got constant "YESSES! It will teach you to:

*Craft aligned dialog to flow into the deep stuff we all crave.

*Read unspoken body conversations.

*Ad-lib to stay flexible and in control of your conversations.

*Pivot to stay in tune with others so they lean in and light up.


Decades of diving deep into marketing, networking, and high-end sales provided a foundation. I then layered social behavior and science-based studies along with my experience as a female friendship authority and an executive matchmaker on top. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone into extrovert territory let me refine my proprietary connection framework. I pair these concepts with fun experiential exercises to prime you for constant responsiveness no matter what stage your business is or who you need to develop solid rapport with.


Anyone not committed to respectful networking.


Do you like to daydream, wonder, and think big thoughts, too? Hear a new twist on business as I chat with Sarah Santacroce on her: 'Gentle Business Revolution’ Show.

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 "It was brilliant! Loved every minute."  Yvonne D.

"What a great insight." Barbara E.

"What an enticing conversation! Great job…you’re SO poised and wonderfully engaging. Diane C.

"Thanks for sharing this beautiful conversation! I really enjoyed it!" Daniela M.


Small talk is your most powerful networking asset!

I need this!

Entrepreneurs will discover how to finally...

  • Quickly break the ice for natural free-flowing conversations.
  • Learn insider secrets to make others quickly feel at ease so they'll always want to give you their time.
  • Know what to do, and not to do, to build a faster rapport to accelerate your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factors.
  • Effortlessly create rapport with key people so they'll want to share their influence to elevate your business faster.
  • Project stronger networking confidence that reflects well and positions your business to draw people to work with you.

I'm Tracey Dobbins, ACC, a caring certified positive psychology coach and the #1 small talk strategist in the USA. That makes me the perfect person to show you how to conquer the #2 fear in business that is losing you money. Make an impression that's hard to forget.traceydobbins,acc,round.png

Guest speaker 

International Amazon bestselling co-author in 5 countries 

Recognized female friendship authority

Former executive matchmaker

It's also why I'm uniquely qualified to guide you through my customizable 3-phase framework for effective and unforgettable small talk. It’s literally the gateway to every client, colleague, and partner in your future.




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Every Million Dollar Deal Begins

with Effective Small Talk

If you struggle to break the ice to get conversations flowing when meeting new people or at networking time and don't make solid relationships, listen up.

We can quickly change that. It's likely you've been taught masculine transactional sales-speak, which is simply the wrong tool when addressing women. It is the "ick” factor that makes us feel like an imposter. Ditch that self-sabotage. Learn what women respond to naturally.

Rooted in research and science-based, my “Effective Small Talk Method” of field-tested personal principles, tips, and techniques translate into confidence when meeting people online and in person all over the world.

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